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November 25, 2018 @ 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Best Time to Manifest and let go of what no longer serves you!

This Sound Bath Meditation will be filled with kindness, peace, love, healing, acceptance, creativity, and forgiveness. We will start with a guided meditation, followed by breath work, which will lead to the playing of the gong and 7 chakra bowls (as well as other ancient instruments) in order to manifest, empower, relax, heal, and guide you to live your best life. This Sound Bath is soothing. This will be an hour long session. 


Sunday, 11/25


3191 Casitas Ave #112, 

Silverlake / Atwater Village / Los Feliz,

Los Angeles, 90039


8:30pm-9:30pm (arrive 5 minutes early)


$20.00 on Eventbrite or at the door (cash only.) There is limited space, so please plan ahead. 


3191 Casitas Ave, 90039- *The Southside of the building is the entrance to the studio which is where the parking lot is too. The Sound Bath is in a studio which is located in a building that has other artist studios. The entrance that appears on google maps is not the entrance (that is the westside of the building.) Go inside and find #112 on your right hand side. There is a outdoor patio in front of the studio. It should be easy. The studio is very nice. 


Park in the parking lot on the Southside of 3191. There are 2 parking lots with plenty of spaces. The other parking lot is on the Northside. 


A yoga mat / blanket / pillows /  whatever materials you need to make sure you are comfortable sitting or laying down. You may want to bring something to cover your eyes (your choice.) Crystals, an open mind, a willing heart, and good intentions are also welcomed!


We will meditate, do breath work, set intentions, listen to healing tones, chant, and make sure we leave knowing we set up a space for us to be peaceful, happy, successful, and able to live our best lives!

This will be a relaxing and energizing experience. A Sound Bath is an array of healing instruments being played in order to help humans go into full relaxation, go into deep meditation, and manifest. Sound Baths can help relive the mind, body, and soul of stress, anxiety, depression, non-stop thinking, worry, pain, illness, disease, heartache, insomnia, fear, and wash away unwanted energy that no longer serves you.

A Sound Bath can help humans to meditate in order to be able to fully think clearly post Sound Bath experience. Meditation can help humans to gain a state of full relaxation which can form grey matter. Meditation can bring positive energy into your life, heal you from the cellular level, and bring you to enlightenment: which is the ability to be able to be the best version of yourself!!!

The instruments being played include a gong, 7 different singing chakra bowls, and other ancient healing instruments that send out healing frequencies and tones (432hz.) Listening to the tunes of the gong helps people reset their brain and body to achieve optimal happiness. Being in full relaxation in a meditative state allows your body to repair itself. It allows your mind to just be.  

This can be a transformative Sound Bath experience. It can be something you do for yourself or something you do for someone else. It is perfect for the end of the week / start of the week in order to relax. So bring a date or come solo! We will be opening up a space for PURE LOVE.

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