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Los Angeles is the home of visual media. Regardless of where a movie or TV show is set, you can bet that some of it was filmed right under our noses. The following are some locations where your favorite shows or movies were shot.

Pat & Lorraine’s Coffee Shop, Eagle Rock – Reservoir Dogs

Pat and Lorraine’s Coffee Shop would be an unassuming local diner if it wasn’t for one thing. The scene that introduced the world to the work of director Quentin Tarantino was filmed right inside.

It took a while for the scene revolving around a conversation about tipping servers and Madonna lyrics to become the stuff of movie legend. But now, a day hardly goes by without someone coming in to see and eat at the table from the scene, which still stands to this day. Although the signage out front is a bit dated, the interior of the eatery is in as good a condition as it was in the past, giving any Tarantino fan a burst of joy when visiting the diner. People from all over the world have been known to come in and wait as long as needed to sit at the famous table.Pat and Lorraine’s Coffee Shop is located at 4720 Eagle Rock Blvd, 90041 and is open from 6:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. everyday.

Various Locations, Highland Park – Maron


Most movies or television shows filmed in Highland Park don’t give mention to the neighborhood. Comedian and actor Marc Maron has done the exact opposite.

Courtesy Consequence of Sound || Maron at Cafe de Leche in Highland Park

Originally from the New York area, Maron made Highland Park his permanent home in 2008, after first falling in love with the city in 2005. Around this time he started the twice-weekly WTF Podcast out of his own garage. Most notably, president Obama was a guest of the show and made the trek, along with the Secret Service, to the quaint neighborhood.

Photo Courtesy Vanity Fair

From 2013 to July 2016, his show titled Maron, on IFC, prominently featured the neighborhood and it’s unique community. Many local business and local residences were used in the production of the series, which was based on a fictionalized version of his own life. 


Canfield-Moreno Estate (Paramour Estate), Silver Lake – Various Projects


Initially built in 1923 for silent film star Antonio Moreno and his wife, an oil heiress named Daisy Canfield Danziger, the 22,000-square-foot estate in Silver Lake was only in their possession until 1933. Since then, the property became the Chloe P. Canfield School for Girls and in 1950 a convent for Franciscan nuns. In 1998, the property was sold to a private buyer.

Shot from Scream 3

Most notably, Scream 3 was filmed at the location. Also filmed here was the music video for Britney Spears’ song “My Prerogative,” the TV shows Alias and Monk, and Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.


Various Locations in NELA – You’re the Worst


Premiering in 2014, the FX comedy series You’re the Worst focuses on issues within the modern dating scene, with a dark twist. Filmed at locations all over Northeast LA, the show truly encompasses the millennial feel of the communities it’s filmed in.

You’re the Worst || From Episode 301 “Try Real Hard” at the Hi Hat in Highland Park

Highland Park venue The Hi Hat and art gallery Bughouse make an appearance in an episode. The now closed Bluebag Records in Echo Park is also featured. A slew of private residences are used in the series, including the neighborhoods of: Mt. Washington, Cypress Park, Atwater Village, Elysian Park and the before-mention Highland Park and Echo Park.


Other Locations

Various Sites, El Sereno – Fear the Walking Dead

Courtesy AMC Film Holdings LLC.


Various scenes at several private residences in El Sereno serve as backdrops in the series. Some locations double as a characters home. Wilson High School is used to depict Paul R Williams High School in the show.

Glendale-Hyperion Aqueduct – Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Eddie and Roger are chased across the bridge by the weasels.

Lincoln Park Motel, Lincoln Heights – Pearl Harbor

Photo Courtesy: Tony Hoffarth on Flickr

Called the Haleiwa Motor Court in the movie, this is the scene when Evelyn tells Rafe she’s pregnant

Heritage Square Museum, Montecito Heights – Legally Blonde

Scene is of a costume party when Elle shows up as a Playboy bunny.



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