Man Suffers From Hypothermia In Silver Lake

Man Seen Swimming In The Reservoir, Which Is Off Limits To The Public.


Original Article Created By Jesus Sanchez For The Eastsider

Police said a man was suffering from hypothermia after going swimming this afternoon in the Silver Lake Reservoir, which is off limits to the public.

Officers were able to get the man to emerge from the water. He was later taken, handcuffed, into custody, according to bystanders.

LAPD spokesman Drake Madison had no further details of the incident.

Residents said that several police units and fire department vehicles were on West Silver Lake Drive at about 4 pm as a police helicopter hovered over head. Police eventually convinced the man to get out of the water and walk over to the fence surrounding the reservoir, said Sandy Driscoll, who witnessed the scene and took photos.

“One of the LAPD officers stood up on the fence nearest where the man was treading water and said, ‘Hey, Dude!  Are you OK?,'” said Driscoll. “A few minutes later, he swam to the side and got out of the water. He walked toward the officer, and they were talking.  The man went down to his knees and started crying.”

After police were able to cut open a padlock and gain entry to the reservoir property, they handcuffed the man and brought him out,” Driscoll said.

“They were very kind and gentle with him,” she said. “He literally could not stand up on his own and appeared to be quite weak. They had to lift him to put him in a chair and take him to the ambulance.”


Original Article Created By Jesus Sanchez For The Eastsider

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