Wanderlust Creamery: Travel-Inspired Ice Creams in Atwater Village

Get ready to travel the globe this spring from the comfort of Atwater Village, because Wanderlust Creamery has a brand new ice cream station.

Get ready to travel the globe this spring from the comfort of Atwater Village. Wanderlust Creamery has a brand new ice cream station in the neighborhood to fuel the next LA heat wave, and their mission is worldwide flavor domination. Owners JP Lopez and Adrienne Borlongan want to expose customers to tastes inspired by countries that they and their friends have traveled to in the most delectable ways possible.


Wanderlust is a strong longing for or impulse towards wandering. Thus, Wanderlust Creamery is a product of the common love that partners Borlongan and Lopez have for food and traveling. Borlongan studied Food Science at California State University Northridge, and later moved on to work in mixology, constantly brainstorming ingredients, drinks and flavors behind the bar before moving on to starting the business. Similarly, Lopez worked in restaurants and the service industry for several years, but also worked a day job as a defense attorney. Eager to start a business together, the two chose ice cream as a platform to display their wanderlust because of its versatility, its ability to be experimented with quickly and easily. Thus, Wanderlust opened its first location in their neighborhood of Tarzana, California in 2015.


After much success, the team now finds Atwater Village to be the perfect neighborhood for their second location. A somewhat sleepy but cozy area, Lopez feels that Atwater Village is so perfectly what Silver Lake was 10 years ago. It’s a homey space, a place where locals can walk in and know the business owners. It’s trendy without being overwhelming. It’s only three blocks but is teeming with great, local independent businesses.

Photo by Katrina Yentch
Photo by Katrina Yentch

Wanderlust Creamery’s motto has allotted for extremely unique, amazing flavors and combinations of ingredients that you can’t find at other ice cream shops. Countries like Thailand, Sweden, Iceland and more conjure up decadent flavors of mango and caramelized rye crumbs. Popular favorites of the shop include a Southeast Asia-inspired combo: housemade rice milk with coconut cream and swirls of mango puree, as well as the Breakfast at Café du Monde: New Orleans French roast and chicory coffee ice cream, complete with crispy fried beignet pieces.

Photo by Katrina Yentch
Photo by Katrina Yentch

However, they also shed a little bit of their own upbringing into the mix. From their Filipino American backgrounds comes an ube malted crunch flavor: malted milk, purple yam and crunchy malted milk balls. Thanks to LA’s proud Hispanic influence, we indulge in the abuelita malted crunch: Mexican stone ground chocolate with cinnamon and chili. To top it off, Belgian dark chocolate flakes and malt balls are swirled in. These are just a few of the intricate combinations that Wanderlust has created, and keeps the flavors changing seasonally. Additionally, their toppings and cones are seasoned, and meant to be paired with certain ice cream flavors too. Try adding the vegan coconut milk butterscotch flavor to a vegan ice cream or rose crystals for their more floral, fruity flavors. The sticky rice and mango ice cream pairs well with an ube-flavored waffle cone, all of which gets prepared in house every morning.

Additionally, the ice cream is made in-house too. Their ice cream base comes from 100% organic milk sourced from grass-fed dairy. They also make 2-3 vegan flavors and sorbets for the lactose intolerant. Everything you see behind the counter is pretty much homemade, and plans to stay that way.

Photo by Katrina Yentch
Photo by Katrina Yentch

For those looking to get a taste of the other side of the world, or just a uniquely delicious sweet treat, Wanderlust Creamery is a travel destination for the hungry and travel lovers of Northeast LA and foodies beyond.

For a full list of flavors, visit their website at https://www.wanderlustcreamery.com/flavors.

Wanderlust Creamery is located at 3134 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039.

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